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Powerful alone.

Better together.

We are more than an ABSS(MYOB) reseller.

Customize and enhance your ABSS(MYOB) with additional features

Customize and enhance your ABSS(MYOB) with additional features


Customize and enhance your ABSS(MYOB) with additional features..

Premier Plus

Update and upgrade your accounting software

Upgrade & update

Payroll management, multi currencies, multiple item price, auto invocie, inventory, record time sheet
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BI4 Cloud

Tailor made report, visualize your ABSS(MYOB) data

Business Intelligence

Check report anywhere, tailor-made report, big data solution, schdule email, cloud service
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Smart POS

The only POS software integrated with ABSS(MYOB) accounting software

Point Of Sale system

ABSS (MYOB) integrated, easy for retail use, inventory check, VIP program, WeChat Pay(PRC)
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Smart CRM

The only CRM software integrated with ABSS(MYOB) accounting software

Sell Smarter, Not Harder

ABSS(MYOB) integrated, Email Direct Marketing, Generate & nurture leads, SMS, reduce search time
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Attendance Cloud

All data directly upload to ABSS(MYOB) Premier Plus

Attendance System

Cloud attendance system, smart card, fingerprint, payroll management, MPF, tax return
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Check ABSS(MYOB) reports even AFK (away from keyboard)

ABSS(MYOB) Mobility

Check inventory, sales, invoicing, expenses, GST and payroll on IOS, Android and WIndows
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Performance Enhancer

Best solution for growing datafile of ABSS(MYOB)

7x faster, multi OS

Super boost your working performance, 5x (or above) faster, remote access, multi-OS access.
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PayPal Connector

Link PayPal transactions direct to ABSS(MYOB)

Online Payment Connector

Great for MYOB users whose have online business using PayPal as payment method
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ABSS Web Store

Fast set-up web store with ABSS(MYOB) integrated

eCommerce solution

Responsive web, B2B or B2C style template, easy management, no transaction fees
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