ABSS(MYOB) 註冊/確認

MYOB ABSS已準備於2017年2月6日開始升級MYOB軟件註冊/憑證伺服器, 並為MYOB軟件之註冊和憑證方法提供更方便和嶄新的方案, 讓使用者註冊一次後, 便排除定期網上驗證的不便。有見及此, MYOB使用者將由2017年2月6日開始, 須為有關電腦下載和執行licensev2.exe檔案, 安裝時間約2-3分鐘。安裝成功後, 你的公司檔案將會於日後自動連結嶄新和具安全性的伺服器, 並進行驗證。安裝詳情請參看下列指示。

下載LICENSEV2 檔案作產品註冊或確認

歡迎瀏覽Licensev2下載頁面。要完成產品註冊或確認, 必須安裝啟動檔案Licensev2。為了完成下載程序, 請先填寫相關資料並按「申請」。本公司核對資料正確後, 會透過電郵方式把Licensev2檔案盡快傳送至有關電郵。

ABSS(MYOB) 註冊 / 確認

如以上方法仍找不到資料檔編號, 請填上 N/A

Serial Number 序號
Company File Code 資料檔編號
Contact Person 聯絡人
Phone Number 聯絡電話
Email 電郵
Company Name 公司名稱

MYOB快速註冊確認 教學影片

Successful download and execution of the licensev2.exe file in your program computer will link your MYOB program file to the new secure MYOB license server.

Company file activation is an easy periodic online confirmation process to verify the MYOB software used is indeed genuine. This process is prompted by the software program currently active and in use, to authenticate the program license details (i.e. Serial number) while a code is forwarded to you to complete the activation process.

Activation is only ONCE for any new company file you create. After the first time, your MYOB software will be prompted to periodically “confirm” the files.

The recurring process between 30 days to 12 months to confirm the files are the same as first time activation.

There is no change to the process on how you confirm active MYOB company files. You may choose to activate your company file online or by calling the hotline number reflected in your product. In both cases the activation process takes less than two minute.

The good news is that you are only required to download this licensev2.exe ONCE (1) into your original MYOB program folder.

If you are operating using a terminal server to host your MYOB program files for remote access, then the licensev2.exe file must be downloaded and executed in your terminal server.

However, if you are moving your MYOB program file to a new computer (PC) then you will have to download the licencev2.exe file onto the new location.

Nothing happens UNTIL your next confirmation due date.

When your MYOB software prompts for the next file reconfirmation the licensev2.exe (that you have successfully executed) will direct this process via the new enhance security server. All subsequent reconfirmation or any new file activation will happen automatically via the new server as well.

Nothing happens UNTIL your next confirmation due date. When your MYOB software prompts for reconfirmation, and if your licensev2.exe file is not downloaded and executed yet, then your data file will become “read-only” (inactive).

Beginning 6th of February 2017 if the licensev2.exe file is not downloaded to your MYOB program folder in your computer and when your MYOB files are due for confirmation then you may still perform manual company file activation or reconfirmation off-line by calling the hotline number provided on your software.

However, going forward if you wish to ensure your MYOB company files are protected while enabling automatic recurring online confirmation of company files, you are advised to download and execute the licensev2.exe file.

For all MYOB Premier and MYOB Accounting software if you have more than one version installed in your computer, you must ensure the licensev2.exe file is downloaded and executed in each program folder successfully.

– A step-by-step video guide on how to download and execute the licensev2.exe file online is provided.
– Ring the toll free number listed on your MYOB product to perform file activation manually and just follow the voice instructions


– Please ring the United Technologies hotline number in Hong Kong at +852 3402-9838 (during office hours) to speak to our customer service personnel for help.

When you transfer your MYOB program file to the new computer, no worries as the licensev2.exe file can be downloaded again.
[For Client Versions/ computers with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10]

Please select “Download and install this feature” in order to proceed. Once NET 3.5 framework is turned on, user will be able to execute the licencesev2.exe file successfully.


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