ABSS(MYOB) Accounting Software and IT Solution

United Technologies provides comprehensive IT solution services.
Including ABSS accounting, Point of Sale(POS) retail system,
Customer Relationship Management(CRM) marketing system,
company computer hardware and network architecture, servers, data backup, outsourcing IT support,
web store, cloud attendance carding system, and other IT services.


Extend Your Accounting Software

As an accountant, we have a range of add-ons that help your company business, check out our collection of add-ons.


Sale & Marketing

Driving growth in your business is critical to its success, we have X-Analyze Smart CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to help you track and nurture leads and manage your customers.

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Retail Solution

The X-Analyze Smart POS (Point of Sale) is the only retail system in Hong Kong that can connect to ABSS(MYOB) accounting software. The back-end accounting management system can instantly transmit data to the front-end retail store, vice versa. The process is safe and convenient.

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Outsourcing It Support

We complete a variety of IT projects for our customers, such as cloud, server, data backup, desktop virtualization(VM), computer hardware, and network design. We provide services through email, telephone, remote connection and sending colleagues to the client company.

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ABSS Accounting Software

The well-known SME accounting software brand ABSS (formerly known as MYOB) is the best partner for Hong Kong’s small and medium-sized enterprises, providing comprehensive accounting tools.

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Accounting Software Technical Support

Since 2010, United Technologies has served as the official designated service provider, providing the most comprehensive technical support. Our authorized consultant team will provide the following services through telephone and remote assistance:

• Application issues
• System operation problems
• Set of books errors and system failures
• Data file repairing
• Serial number splitting, removal, and processing
• Password removal and reset

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Data Protection

Small but powerful storage solutions, PC backup, file server, cross-device file synchronization, next-generation data protection system protection, digital asset protection, are important equipment for business success.

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ABSS Web Store

You don’t need web developing skill to have your own online store. The ABSS online store function provides you with a fast-moving, responsive design online store that manages product information directly from the accounting system.

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Why Us

United Technologies has been engaged in IT services for more than 24 years. Our services include MYOB accounting and financial management, training services, computer equipment, and network architecture, server, data backup, computer technical support and information technology outsourcing, e-commerce, retail system solutions, customer relationship management and marketing programs, cloud attendance system, etc.

We are the official designated service provider of ABSS(MYOB) Hong Kong.

Company Served Since 2010
IT Experience
Certifies Consultant

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If you consult retail POS system or customer relationship management system,
Our team will provide you a
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MYOB Accounting Software

Accounting Technical Support

Outsourcing IT Support

X-Analyze Smart POS (Retail)

X-Analyze Smart CRM (Marketing)

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MYOB Mutil-User Performance Enhancer

ABSS Webstore (e-Commerce)

Business Intelligence

Attendance Cloud

Trend Micro Business Security


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