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Office 365 provides virtually anywhere access to familiar Office tools, plus enterprise-grade email, conferencing, and more IT services.
A complete accounting package that offers all the essential accounting tools such as intergrated accounts, banking, sales, purchases, inventory, contact management . . .
Kingdee K/3 is a mature and comprehensive ERP system which can deliver solutions to the applications ranging from financial accounting, human resource, supply chain management for . . .
Outsourcing IT Service
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To save cost, most SMEs, organizations do not have their own IT support department. Instead, the IT department is normally outsourced to contracted companies. United Technologies . . .

MYOB Hong Kong Accounting Software Rebrand Notice and FAQ

01 Jan 2018 United
From 1 January 2018, MYOB Hong Kong Accounting Software will rebrand to ABSS (Asian Business Software Solutions)   ABSS Hong Kong Service Provider (Exclusive datafile repairing) is appointed to United Technologies (Int&rsquo ...

MYOB workshop full house in December!

20 Dec 2017 United
MYOB workshop Full house in December! Thank you for your participation! ...

NAS – Powerful backup and anti-ransomware tool

11 Aug 2017 United
NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a powerful backup and anti-ransomware tool. Basically, it is for backup solution only. When virus and ransomware attack success, the file will be locked by ransomware whatever in computer or NAS. Fortuna ...

MYOB Seminar in October 2017

31 Oct 2017 United
Thank you for joining our latest MYOB accounting software & I.T. workshop! Join us and get more in MYOB! ...

Case study: MYOB accounts for government subsidized school

16 Oct 2017 United
背景 隨著香港政府愈來愈多設立基金向社會公私營機構及學校提出財政支助。因此, 很多公私營機構及學校開始積極把握政府的財政支助, 拓展業務或維持營運。然而政府的財政支助一般都要保障納稅人利益和謹慎批核, 所以會要求受資助機構提交準確詳細的財務報表, 以作審核。於是受資助機構一方面需要向政府提交特定的政府財務報表, 匯報資助的公帑, 更要準確地追蹤所花費的資助是用得其所, 連繫目的。然而這令眾多受資助機構及學校感到大費周章, 影響營運。 ...
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